As international researchers, we are privileged to travel, and live and work in another country. Do we make full use of this cultural and educational opportunity? Do we consider ourselves as part of the local communities?


We conduct our studies and research in the language of our hosts, but sometimes we can become restricted in our use of that language and its applications.

We share ideas and thoughts with colleagues perhaps, but not always in a wider sense, as a native student or researcher might do while socialising, for example, or in any other area of life.

It can be difficult, when working very hard in an unfamiliar environment, to ever feel fully accepted as anything other than someone representing your research role.

It can be difficult, when juggling different tasks and stages in life, to ever feel part of the wider community, if in the first place there is one or perhaps how we build up an inclusive one.

How can we broaden our horizons, particularly where the native language and culture are concerned? Would this make us better students, researchers, and ultimately better people?

If you have ever pondered these issues, this is a site for YOU.


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