For participants

🙂 You have to book a ticket to attend this event. 

🙂 You will need to bring your own laptop. 

🙂 You will join a small closed group to do reflexive writing. 

🙂 Your writing will have the chance to be edited on site. 

🙂 Your stories will contribute to the fullness of this website.


The event roughly follows the schedule below:

9.00 – 9.30: Tea & coffee, informal chat and introductions

Part One Reflexive Writing 

You will go through three sessions of structured writing.

You will have the chance to be reflexive and write about yourself and your experience of being international.

You will clarify life as an international researcher and research life through words in reaching a balanced picture.

You will be encouraged to share ‘pleasures and pains’ with your peers from other areas of research.

You will adopt new perspectives from externalising some of your inner speech and more importantly from hearing what others have struggled with and achieved in different languages and cultures.

12.30 – 13.30: lunch

Part Two Deliberate Sharing 

Panellists will start with a 10-15 min talk, sharing experience of ‘switching languages in research life’.

You can expect vignettes on switching between English and other languages in research life.

You can hear pains and pleasures in doing research in English and in living in a foreign country.

You can get tips and lessons in what to do and what not to do as part of your PhD journey.

You will have the chance to ask any (ir/)relevant questions that you have had before or have identified from the reflexive writing in the morning.

You will be encouraged to be (more) proud of being part of an international community.