About Upcoming Event – 2 May

This event will provide the opportunity to bring the international community together. Facilitated by a local writer, reflexive writing sessions are designed to draw out balanced understandings. Peers are encouraged to discuss and identify obstacles (pains) and advantages (pleasures) in their research and life in a foreign country. Three confirmed panellists, each with their unique stories, are join us in the afternoon to give talks, answer questions and share experiences of their own research journeys.

Dr Filip Ejdus 

Besides his current position as a Marie Curie research fellow at University of Bristol, Filip has been an Assistant Professor at the University of Belgrade, where he obtained his PhD in 2012. Originally from Serbia, he researches on local ownership in EU crisis management interventions in the Balkans, Middle East and Horn of Africa.

Dr Liqing Li

Currently a part time lecturer, Liqing has been an English teacher, freelance researcher and writer, research assistant and Teaching Unit Organiser. Originally from China where Liqing received her BA in English and Education, she finished her MSc and PhD at University of Bristol in 2013 on nation and nationalism, funded by ESRC.   

Dr Audrey Reeves

Prior to her current position as a teaching unit organiser, Audrey was a lecturer in Feminist Thought and Global Justice at Cardiff University and a research/ programme assistant in gender and security in Geneva. Originally from Quebec, she obtained her master’s in IR in Geneva, and her PhD in the University of Bristol in 2016.

Facilitator: Jo Teage

A part time teacher/ examiner and Bristol graduate, Jo writes, edits and proofreads in her spare time. She writes on a wide range of topics, from children’s stories and poems to science fiction. Facilitator of a UoB-born writing group, she has a passion for the English language; she has published professionally, edited literary journals and worked with various genres.

Organiser: Lin Ma

A current PhD research student. Before coming to Bristol, Lin was an external lecturer at Sichuan International Studies University, a registered English-speaking tour guide in China, and an interpreter/ translator in a state project in Ethiopia. A keen team player in various local communities, she organises this event with Bristol Doctoral College.

This event is free for international PGRs.

Booking is required.